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CAD to BIM Solutions

Efficient and detailed CAD to BIM solutions. A design experience with 360° control. Architectural, structural and MEP modeling. High-level concepting and rendering.

Detailing | Analysis

Construction details and shop drawings ready to be issued on site. Design analysis with all codes and languages. Calculation and technical reports for quantity surveying that are graphically pleasing and effective.

4D and 5D BIM

Construction simulations and clash detentions are an excellent choice for site logistics managing. Traditional BOQ and/or info-graphical calculations for fast reading.

Graphics | Webdesign

Good marketing can put your project on top. Each project can have a dedicated website, as well as graphics, posters and video installations for better presentation to the client, contractors and the public.

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Every job is "our" project. Performance and personalized services. Efficient and reliable.
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who we are!
Get to know our team and how our working method will help you realize your project, 360°.

Ubim Smartbuilt
The best partner for the Construction Industry

Ever helpful tutor

You will have 360° support during all phases of the project. A ‘tutor’ will always be responsible for the job and available 24/7.

Fast, efficient services

We analyze the specific needs of every job and process the optimal solution. Our services are based on speed and efficiency.

Top Software and Hardware

We use the best technology. Powerful hardware and professional software for managing your order.

Online quote

Every project is unique. This is why we do not have a price-list. We evaluate your requests and provide a customized quotation within 48 hours.

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Ubrand AECO

Your project, your construction company, your real estate agency needs integrated communication to show itself in the best possible light. Ubrand AECO to get it done!

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Ufm Checker

With Ufm Checker you will have a BIM model that can be developed over time, with split payment and sustainable costs, to optimize your facility management!

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BIM is already the future for the AEC world. Hurry up!

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Why switch to BIM?
Building Information Modeling allows all disciplines involved on a project to work together from concept to construction, up to smart management of the built through a parametric and interoperable model. The move to BIM for firms, builders, real estate agencies and public authorities is just a simple "smart step forward"! Innovation, why not?
A unique 3D model set up by smart and dynamic parametric objects is useful for architectural, engineering, MEP engineering and energy analysis, as well as cost and time feasibility. Changes and problems during construction are reduced to a minimum. Communication, presentation, press, web and social-media marketing of the project become a simple and accurate operation. A "wow" reaction from your pickiest client is guaranteed.
The step to BIM involves a radical change of mentality and strong awareness of the method and process. The old top-down style of management becomes a thing of the past. Collaboration is the keyword! There will be new software, hardware, specific skills and knowledge, human resources and training—but nothing even small and medium-sized companies cannot easily overcome.
Consulting or implementation?
Some BIM specialists propose the "translation" of a closed project in BIM as a first “exercise” to approach the method. But if you think transition to BIM is an important step for you, we recommend you start with advice on a new job. We will be with you every step of the way and, from this first experience, you will be able to start and finish the whole implementation procedure. We will accompany you until you are fully confident with BIM and able to deal with an entire process without our support. Let's work together until you can do it by yourself!
Will it cost me a fortune?
NOT AT ALL! Every major change involves investment. The biggest is the mental bit! We require only a new open-mindedness and a desire to learn to manage a new process, without prejudice and skepticism. There is some investment in software, hardware, training and human resources devoted to teamwork. But it's not a big deal! Let's have a chat and you will see that it's not impossible!

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